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Paxton Recovery drug rehab centers focus on helping individuals overcome addiction. Although there are many individuals who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are also many differences, which is why our addiction recovery program in Aurora, Colorado is personalized to meet the needs of clients for a successful recovery.


Our drug rehab facility in Aurora offers clients individualized addiction treatment programs that are designed to identify what caused the addiction and set a process in place for a fully sustained recovery.


Another factor that should be considered when choosing an addiction recovery center is monitored detox. Detox occurs when the body gets rid of any remaining drugs, which can cause unpleasant symptoms. At our Aurora drug detox clinic, we understand this can be a difficult time and take measures to ensure our clients go through this stage of recovery comfortably and safely.


Many individuals who have an addiction also have a mental disorder such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and more. When a person has a mental disorder and an addiction, it is known as a co-occurring disorder, or dual diagnosis. This is common among individuals with an addiction because the addiction increases the chances of a mental disorder, and a mental disorder increases the risk of addiction. Paxton Recovery offers dual diagnosis treatment programs that address both mental disorders and addiction. Dual diagnosis is a popular treatment plan because the chances of long-term sobriety are increased when a mental disorder and addiction are treated at the same time.


Furthermore, it is very important to us that our clients feel safe and comfortable at all times. The staff at our Aurora drug rehab provide support and are always willing to listen to our clients’ needs. At our addiction treatment facility in Aurora, we understand recovery is a delicate process and do all that we can to ensure our clients are comfortable and happy.


Paxton Recovery is an addiction treatment center that offers individual and group therapy sessions. We understand the importance of group therapy and encourage our clients to provide each other with support. Our group session allow clients to share their stories, which enables them to connect with each other and gain a better understanding of addiction. In addition, the Paxton Recovery Aurora substance abuse treatment facility always encourages our clients to speak openly and honestly with staff. We value our clients’ needs and understand the connection between honesty and sobriety.


The rehabilitation process includes intake, detox, treatment, therapy, and aftercare therapy. When an individual comes to our drug rehab clinic in Aurora, he or she will be asked a series of questions to determine the cause of the addiction, if the addiction is chronic, and how long the addiction has been going on. Intake is a vital step in the rehabilitation process because it allows our staff to get to know each client and use the knowledge as a guide to design an individualized treatment program.


When an individual has completed intake, he or she will begin detox, which is a supervised treatment that allows the body to expel toxins left behind after drug use. Our staff is aware this is a crucial period and provides encourage and guidance. Although some individuals attempt to quit cold turkey, this is not recommended, and going to an addiction recovery center that offers monitored detox will increase the chances of long-term recovery.


Therapy is a step in the rehabilitation process that educates clients on what caused the addiction and teaches them how to deal with stress that caused drug abuse. Clients will also receive dual diagnosis treatment when there is a co-occurring disorder present. Group therapy is also offered and encouraged at our Aurora addiction treatment facility, which is an ideal way for our clients to motivate each other to lead a life free of addiction.


When clients complete treatment at our drug detox clinic in Aurora, Colorado, they will be encouraged to attend an aftercare program. Aftercare programs help our clients stay sober and help them learn other skills that can lead to opportunities. The Paxton Recovery addiction facility has a variety of aftercare programs to meet our clients’ needs. Don’t wait, call us today.

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